Instruction online course Adobe Connect

GTD Course with Adobe Connect

Soon you will be participating in the GTD level 1 online training course via Adobe Connect. Please walk through a few steps as described below to get the most out of your training course.

Step 1: Installing Adobe Connect

Installing the Adobe Connect client gives you the best experience for the course. Please make sure to install Adobe Connect in time so you have time to test it. Follow the appropriate link below to start the installation process:


The set-up wizard will walk you through the installation process.

Step 2: Testing Adobe Connect

Open your webbrowser and visit When you follow the instructions on this page, you will be able to test whether all Adobe Connect features work. Once the training course is started there will be no room to fix issues with Adobe Connect. Preferably, check your set-up of Adobe Connect prior to the course day and make sure to logon about fifteen minutes before we start.

1. Click ‘Run Diagnostic Test’ to start testing.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect

2. Click on Open Client Application for Adobe Connect if you have installed the Adobe Connect client.

Instruction online course  Adobe Connect

3. If everything works, you will see the green checks. A a red cross indicates a problem. In that case, please read and take the suggested action on the page.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect
4. Click on Configure Audio to test speakers and microphone. If everything checks out, you’ll get the message below. If not, please follow the instructions on the webpage.
Instructie online training Adobe Connect

Step 3: Participating in the Adobe Connect session

Below you will find the instructions to get access to the online classroom. The room will be opened 15 minutes prior to the starting time.

1. There is a link to the classroom in the invitation mail from meereffect. Click on the link and your web browser will open. Depending on the browser, you will be asked whether you want to join via the webbrowser or via the application. Make sure to click on the application option.

2. Adobe Connect opens. Fill out your name, that will be visible during the course, and click on ‘Enter Room’. You are now ready to participate.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect

3. Depending on our set-up of your course you may need to wait until the trainer opens the room for you. 

This is to prevent anyone not invited accidentally joins the training.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect

4. Once in the classroom you will see the options to join via audio and video. The default setting is that these option are turned off.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect

If at the top of the screen the microphone and webcam icons are missing please (as shown above) send a chat message to the trainer.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect

If you do see the icons you need to activate your camera and microphone. Please follow the steps below to activate:

  • Click on the grey microphone icon, which then will turn green to indicate that you microphone is open.
  • Click on the camera icon, which then will turn green. You will see your webcam image on your screen.
  • Click on ‘Start sharing’ to actually join via video.
    If there is a screen without the webcams the webcam will shut down and you need to click the camera icon to join via video again.


You now can start using Adobe Connect.

Step 4: Navigating Adobe Connect

1. The course will not be recorded and also the chat and other inputs are not stored.

If you add comments via the chat that you would like to keep please make notes in the workbook we provide.

2. The other participants and trainer all see the same screen as you do. So if there are no webcams on your screen they aren’t visible for anyone else.

3. Bellow some of the screens you will be seeing during the course. These screen shots are from the Adobe Connect client since that has all the features we will be using throughout the day.

Instructie online training Adobe Connect
The interaction features we will be using throughout the day. If any of these options are not visible in your menu bar, please send a chat message to the trainer.
Instructie online training Adobe Connect
  • Audio: Click to silence audio
  • Speech: at the start the microphone icon will be gray. After clicking it for the first time the icon will become green. Use the icon to mute or unmute.
  • Camera: at the start the webcam icon will be gray. After clicking it for the first time the icon will become green and a screen with your webcam will be visible. Click start share to open up the image for others. Use the icon to turn the camera on or off.
  • Feedback: the raised hand icon offers some feedback options. Raise hand for instance for any non urgent question or remark. Use ‘Step Away’if you need to leave your computer for a moment.
Instructie online training Adobe Connect
  • Preferably leave your camera on throughout the course. This makes the training more engaging and allows others interact with you more easily.
  • During the training we will also be using the poll and chat features. If you have a question or remark usually it is easier to unmute and ask your question rather than typing it in the chat. You can use the chat to send a message to everyone or to a specific participant.
Instructie online training Adobe Connect

Step 5: Tips for the online course

  • We recommend the use of headphones. Not only because the audio will be better for you but also because using the computer speaker instead of headphones can generate an echo on the audio for everyone.
  • Make sure the workplace you use to participate has as little distractions as possible. Throughout the day there will be a number of breaks to make sure you can refresh or check in with others.
  • Make sure your work place has sufficient space to use the course materials. You will be using a workbook, some cards and a map.
  • Make sure to log in fifteen minutes before we start to check if everything works. If there is an issue with any part of Adobe Connect we then still have some time to try and fix it. Any questions? Please mail or call 088-0016200.

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Instruction online course  Adobe Connect

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