Instruction online live course in Zoom

GTD Level 1 course on Zoom

Zoom is available as a client on Mac OS or Windows but also has apps for Android and iOS as well as options to use Zoom from a browser. So some of the controls may look a bit different then the once you see below.

Step 1 Install Zoom

The user experience with Zoom is best if you use the Zoom client for laptop/desktop/Macbook. This requires installing Zoom.

Head over to en choose Client for Meetings. Follow the instructions and start Zoom.

We advise you when you visit the website of Zoom, to change the cookies to ‘functional’.  To do this, go to the page and click the link ‘Cookie preferences’ all the way below. Move the switch to ‘Required Cookies’. (Read more about privacy at the end of this page.)

If you can not install the Zoom client, then these alternatives are available:

  • Install the Zoom-app on your tablet
  • Use Zoom from your browser. Chrome and Firefox work better then Safari or IE, where sometimes audio is unavailable.


The mobile apps and browser-apps often miss features so the best experience is using the Zoom client.

Step 2 Test Zoom

To make sure Zoom works, go over to and follow the instructions. You will be able to check the camera and audio as well as see the controls Zoom offers. If you make sure to do the test prior to the training you will have time to get support if needed.

In the Zoom control panel you see a couple of options that you will use during the training.

Controlling audio and video. Depending on your preferences and the setting of the host camera and audio can be muted/off or on. In the control panel you can toggle audio and video to on or off. The small arrow icon offers settings and lets you choose which speaker or microphone to use if you have multiple available.

Instruction online live course in ZoomInstruction online live course in Zoom

If you don’t see the microphone icon in the control window your app does not allow audio. You can join the meeting audio via your phone. Ask the host for the phone number.

Click on Participants to see who is in the meeting. A window opens with names and an audio and video icon. A ‘raised hand’ will be visible in this window.

Instruction online live course in Zoom

In the Participants window you’ll find the names of the other participants.

Instruction online live course in Zoom

With the Reactions icon you have the opportunity to easily react by way of a series of icons. For the training the Raise hand icon is the most useful. This you can use if you are ready doing an assignment or if you have a non-urgent question or comment.

Instruction online live course in Zoom

The chat-icon opens a window where you can send a message to one person or to everyone. This is useful for input, discussions, questions during the training.

Via the three dots (More) you’ll find the option to Hide Video Panel. A gerat feature of Zoom is that all the participants are visible. At times that may be too much movement in the screen for you to focus.

Step 3 Tips for the online course

  • Use of headphones is recommended. You can hear what is presented and discussed better and headphones prevent a feedback loop in which you create an echo.
  • Make sure you have a workplace with enough space and as little interruptions as possible. The training requires stretches of an hour or more to participate. You will also be using physical materials.
  • Log on 15 minutes prior to the start time of the training by clicking the link you will find in the meereffect mails. Just to check that everything works. Even if you did the test just to be sure everything works.

ZOOM and privacy:

Meereffect uses the ZOOM application to make the online course and workshops possible. To protect and guarantee your privacy, meereffect takes the following precautions:

We recommend that you set the ZOOM website cookies to “required only” before use.

The contact details at registration are not put in ZOOM, only a link to log in is provided.

We ensure that for each session from meerffect:

  • The so-called “attention tracker” function of ZOOM is turned off.
  • The feature that allows participants to record the session is turned off.
  • The feature that allows participants to copy the chat is turned off.


Whenever we record the course session ourselves, it will only for internal use, or only those parts where no participants (data) are visible or audible will be used. The meeting host will always let you know if this will be the case at the beginning of the session.

Questions? Please mail or call 088-0016200.

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Instruction online live course in Zoom

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