Instruction online live course in Teams

The GTD level 1 Fundamentals course online

Thanks for participating in the GTD level 1 Fundamentals course online which will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. Below a few pointers to make sure you find your way to the meeting and will help you with the main controls within a Teams Meeting.

Step 1: Joining the meeting

You’ll receive an invite via mail. Click on the RSVP-button or open the request.


Accept the invite by clicking the Yes-button. Now the course is added to your calendar.


Open Teams on your desktop or laptop. Even though you can also join a meeting via the Teams app on your smartphone or tablet the best way to participate is via your laptop or desktop. Since the course will be multiple hours and you will be using chat a bigger screen and full keyboard will be a better experience than a smartphone or tablet.

Open the calendar in Teams and open the course event.




If the course has started the calendar entry will have a Join-button at the top. This button is also available if you open the calendar item and go to the right hand top of the entry'.

If the course hasn’t started yet open the calendar item and hit the Join Microsoft Teams link. If the invite is in Dutch it will say ‘Deelnemen aan de Microsoft Teams vergadering’.


After you have hit the join-button you will be asked to set your preferences.

  • The slider next to the camera icon lets you switch the camera on or off. You can switch on and off throughout the session.
  • The slider next to the blurred screen will only appear if you in previous sessions have blurred your background. See below how to blur your background.
  • The slider next to the microphone icon lets you mute and unmute the audio input. Preferably start with the microphone off to avoid a feedback loop.
  • Hit join now to enter the meeting.


Step 2. The controls during a Teams Meeting

After entering the meeting a control bar will appear at the bottom part of the screen.

You’ll have the following controls available:

Session timer

Camera on/off

Microphone on/off

Share screen. You will not need this during the course.

More actions, where you will find the option to change your background. Click on the three dots and choose the option Show background effects.

A column with open left in your screen.

The first option means that you don’t want to change your background. The second one blurs your background. The other options are images you can use to replace the background the camera will otherwise will be visible. (These options may not be visible in the webbrowser version of Teams.)

Another option within the More actions menu is Show meeting notes. This will open a notepad where participants and the trainer can record tips, websites or books mentioned. After the course these notes will still be available via the meeting invite via the calendar in Teams.

Open/close the chat window. The chat window shows all the interactions until that moment. At the bottom of the chat window you can either type a message or share a file.

If everyone needs to see your message immediately hit the exclamation mark. The chat is now urgent and will be pushed to all participants.

The chats are also available after the course available via the meeting invite in the calendar in Teams

Open/close Show participants window. You can see all other participants and whether they have camera and audio on or off.

Hang up and leave the meeting. If you accidentally hit this key you can return to the meeting via the invite.


If you open the calendar invite in the Teams Calendar you will have access to the course’s chat or notes. This will be available during and after the course.

If you click on another application or other section of Teams the meeting window will still be visible as a small window floating over the active window. Click on the meeting window to return to full screen view.


If the course starts you will see the other participants in the main screen and your own camera as a small tile at the bottom of the page. The screen will show the last four participants that were active via audio.

If the trainer is presenting slides these will be shown in the main screen with a small image of other participants at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3 Tips for the online course

  • Using head phones is recommended. This makes it easier to hear others and avoids a feedback loop that occurs if other people’s audio is sent back via your microphone.


  • Make sure you have as few distractions as possible. The course will be delivered in modules of circa 90 minutes. We will make sure to provide breaks but distractions of mail, chats, people entering your room can make participation difficult.


  • Make sure to have space to work and have the course materials at hand. You will be taking notes in the workbook and will be using the methodology guides.


  • Join the meeting 15 minutes before it starts to check audio and video and your internet connection. We will be showing a countdown timer. If there is something not working, don’t hesitate to contact us: or call +31 (0)88-0016200.

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