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Knowledge workers often struggle to become calmly productive. How do you stay on top of the deluge of information that comes your way and your long to-do list? Other people’s relentless requests, communication through different channels, the frustrations of teamwork: it only seems to grow bigger.

How can you regain control, get an overview, make considered choices, and work well together? You can try to tweak your approach to work, but it’s not easy when you’re under pressure. It’s also difficult to look beyond your own framework and see how to make things smarter. The answer lies in the deployment and development of practical skills that enable you to do the things you want to do.

Meereffect is a training agency with a small, experienced team and a big goal: helping as many knowledge workers as possible across the Benelux to work smarter. When knowledge workers improve how they work and communicate, they become more productive and more relaxed.

During its nearly 20 years’ existence, meereffect has trained tens of thousands of participants in working smarter using well-thought-out methodologies with practical, easy-to-apply steps. On average, our participants rate our training courses 8.8, and our trainers an outstanding 9.3.

Is your organisation interested in improving skills and working smarter? We’d be happy to talk you through which training would best get you started.

What trainings do we provide?


Getting Things Done training

Do you want to improve your focus, overview, and calm? Then the right solution for you is one of our GTD trainings!

By implementing GTD’s five steps, you build a clear system for saving and keeping track of all your ideas, tasks, responsibilities, projects, and dreams in a smart way. You’ll see that Getting Things Done helps you create a sense of calm, and you’ll be more focused despite distractions. You’ll also become more aware of the choices you have and get better at giving your full attention to the things you do.

Getting Things Done in two minutes:

Streamline Certified

Do you feel that others ought to respond and react more quickly to your communication? You need Streamline training!

You’ll learn to use a five-step approach to communication. We’ll teach you best practices per communication channel, and you’ll generate communication guidelines with an eye for design.

Streamline training teaches you to communicate in a clear and effective way. When you interact with others with care, they feel seen and heard, and they react faster as a result. Streamline helps you attain a more positive flow. If you take the training as a team or organisation, you’ll reinforce each other’s learning and improve your collaboration.

Streamline Certified in two minutes:

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