Course accommodation

Conditions for the Incompany course

Are we going to give an incompany course at your location? Then we ask you to meet the below conditions. Should it not be possible to meet all the conditions, please give us a heads up as soon as possible, so we can discuss an alternative in good time.


  • Classroom set-up. The room should preferably be set up in a classroom set-up, with a spacious seating arrangement and extra space for the aisles. It is important that everyone can see both the trainer and the screen clearly. Is the group smaller than eight people? Then a square setup or U-shape is preferred.
  • For a Streamline Course we would like to use a U-shape. 
  • For a Projects & Priorities or Focus & Direction course we like to use a cabaret set-up. In case the desks are not sufficient enough (for example: a table leg in the way), we prefer a classroom or square set-up.
  • A table and chair for the trainer in the front of the room. If more trainers are present, please set up a separate table for the other trainer in the back of the room.
  • Sufficient daylight and a high ceiling with a (large) projection screen. All participants should have a good view of the screen and should not have to look at other participants or squint.
  • Sufficient ventilation and a well-adjustable temperature. This is important for concentration, especially if you are working intensively for a day.
  • Multiple outlets available. So that we can properly connect the beamer, laptop and sound equipment.


  • Beamer and projection screen. If this is not available, please let us know.
  • Connection for the laptop. We need a HDMI or VGA connection. An online or USB connection is unfortunately not sufficient enough.
  • Flipchart or whiteboard.
  • One desk per participant.
  • A large table for the trainer in front of the room, with the connection cable for the beamer nearby. If it’s a separate beamer, then a beamer table is also needed.
  • For 20 participants or more: sound amplification. This is very important. Without sound amplification, the trainer is difficult to understand and it is more difficult for participants to maintain their attention.


  • Access to the room. We like to take the time to prepare the participants’ materials and test the presentation tools and would therefore want to be able to enter the room 1,5 hours in advance. The trainer may arrive later, for example due to traffic, but it’s nice if the room is available.
  • Coffee, tea and possibly some snacks during the breaks. It’s also nice if jugs of water are available for the participants.
  • Good drivable passages. We bring some heavy crates on wheels, so we can’t access rooms that are only accessible by stairs. Please also pay attention to small stairs in the hallway.
  • Assembly and dismantling of the room. This is the responsibility of the company. This for example entails setting up and dismantling the classroom set-up, putting back tables, chairs, etc.

Additional for a GTD in Practice course

  • Working computers or laptops for all participants, for each participant their own computer.
  • Access to the software we are going to use and access to everyone’s own account.
  • Sufficient capacity on the network to run all computers simultaneously.
  • Availability of a System Administrator during the course to assist with any issues.
  • Sufficient table space for the participants to store their laptop and course materials.

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Course accommodation

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